Taylor Guitars

Taylor Guitars


Taylor Guitars was founded in 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug, and has grown into the leading global builder of premium acoustic guitars. Renowned for blending modern, innovative manufacturing techniques with a master craftsman's attention to detail, Taylor acoustic guitars are widely considered among the best-sounding and easiest to play in the world. The company is a pioneer in the use of computer mills, lasers and other high-tech tools and proprietary machinery, and today, Bob Taylor is widely recognized throughout the musical instrument industry as the visionary acoustic guitar manufacturer.

PDP DW Drums

DW / PDP Drums


Founded by Drum Workshop, Inc. in 1999, Pacific Drums and Percussion is a progressive drum brand created to provide drums pedals and hardware that feature boutique-inspired, player-friendly features and best-in-class build-quality to more drummers around the globe. From beginners to touring pros, PDP continues to offer products that are consistent with DW’s mission statement to provide solutions for drummers.

Jupiter Brass

Jupiter Brass


Under a philosophy to support music education and community since 1930, KHS Musical Instruments Co., Ltd., has become one of the largest musical instrument producers in the world today. Incorporating some of the fastest growing brands in the industry, KHS can offer a full line of quality instruments to school music programs and individual players. As a global company, KHS selects the finest materials available and controls all aspects of manufacturing in their state-of-the-art, company-owned factories, ensuring consistently high quality and reliability.



Aquarian’s commitment is to make your drum sound better and more musical than the day you first brought it home. A quality drum sound always starts with a quality drumhead. Founded in 1980, Aquarian introduced a number of innovative and patented products plus a unique scientific approach to manufacturing.



Gator is the leading manufacturer of case solutions for the music and pro audio industries. Offering everything from covers, bags, lightweight cases, plastic cases, roto moulded cases and ATA and Tour cases. Leveraging the company’s expertise in case design and manufacturing, Gator has also grown a complete OEM division that works with leading companies around the world to engineer and manufacture custom cases for original equipment manufacturers.


Cervini violin outfits by Cremona offer excellent quality in a student violin. The new Cervini Educator Series of high-quality, affordable violin family instruments was developed with the same care and attention to detail applied to even the most expensive violin outfits, but aimed specifically at the budget-conscious student market. Even the most affordable models of the Cervini line offer a host of professional features even the more advance player would expect.



Levy is one of the world’s most respected names in quality guitar straps. Levy has a steadfast dedication to craftsmanship, an earnest desire to empower all types of musicians, and a belief in helping others embrace their craft in their own way. All coming together to create a truly exceptional product that today, can be found on the shoulders of everyone from garage musicians to world famous artists.

Josef Teller


Josef Teller are manufacturers of musical instrument parts and we particularly see ourselves as bridge makers. Since the 18th century, Josef Teller have been involved in all facets of instrument making: as string makers, violin makers, zither makers, guitar makers, etc. Starting with the cutting open of the trunks to the final product, everything is handmade in Germany.



Quik Lok manufactures various music stands, which are well known worldwide due to their reliability, creativity and innovative abilities in providing new solutions to meet musicians’ problems . Quik Lok offers high quality products, designed and manufactured to excellent standards. At Quik Lok, all products, from start to finish, are designed and produced using only the finest quality materials and the industry's most technologically advanced machines.



The Vandoren company was founded in 1905. It quickly became the leader in reeds, mouthpieces and accessories for clarinets and saxophones. Vandoren is exporting today 90% of its production in more than 100 countries, thanks to a know-how and an involvement of every instant. Anticipating evolutions, listening to musicians’s needs, constantly optimizing their products has been their challenge for more than a century. With a large choice of state-of-the-art products in order to make music fun and play!



Mahalo ukuleles were originally developed with a promise to deliver a “real musical instrument experience at an entry-level price point”. Mahalo is now the No. 1 selling ukulele brand in many countries and arguably, the world. Thousands of music stores around the world stock Mahalo as their main ukulele line. These experts do this because Mahalo ukuleles represent the very best value for money on the market! It’s for this reason alone that millions of ukers around the world started their musical journeys on a Mahalo ukulele.



Saramonic is a professional sound equipment solution company which focus on producing for audio adapters, microphones and portable recorders. Their product line is mainly for audio adapters that allow customers to connect professional audio recording equipment, high-end microphones (including wired microphones and wireless microphones), devices to increase the audio quality for smartphone video, and many other kinds of audio accessories.



For more than 30 years now, building on its roots in analogue sound, Hercules has been devoting its energy to designing audio solutions for people who love music. Since the very beginning, Hercules’ DJ controller range has been created with a vision in mind: namely, that innovation, authenticity, cutting-edge technology and incredible ease of use would open up DJing to everybody. Over the years, Hercules has acquired a huge amount of know-how, and enjoys a worldwide reputation as one of the leaders in portable mixing controllers for computers.

Orange Amps

Orange Amplifiers


Founded 1968 by Cliff Cooper in London, Orange Amplifiers is recognized as the one of the premier guitar amplifier companies in the world. From Led Zeppelin to Weezer, musicians flock to the legendary British-style tone produced by their all-tube amps and quality-built speaker cabinets. Orange also manufactures amplifiers for bass guitars as well as speaker cabinets for instrument amplifiers and combination amplifiers.



Founded in Grenoble, France, in 1999, Arturia specialises in the development of music software and hardware for professional and amateur musicians. Arturia aim at providing musicians with unique means of creation for unforgettable performances. Focusing on innovation, they strive to integrate the latest advances in computer music research and technology into their products such as software synthesizers, drum machines and analog synthesizers. This involves working closely with partner research institutions, in the development of cutting-edge musical instruments and software.




In 1924, Mr. Franz Sandner established his own company in Germany, and with a warm and gentle tone and harmonizing-precision design, Franz Sandner became well-known worldwide for its excelsior manufacturing technique. After the Second World War, the company started again like many other musical instrument factories and continued improving its excelsior workmanship. In the 1980s, Sadner began manufacturing violins and guitars, and expanded their musical enterprise to include pianos and wind instruments as well.

Dean Markley


Established in 1972, Dean Markley USA is recognized as an innovator and leader in the world of musical instrument strings. Maker of the World's Finest Strings and accessories for Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin, Baja Sexto and Pedal Steel Guitar. The company also produces pick ups, amplifiers, and tuners. Celebrated by retailers for their sales performance and endorsed by an elite calibre of musicians, Dean Markley products are the smart choice.



Kun is exclusively focused on developing the most ergonomic, innovative, comfortable and affordable products for stringed instrument players. Over more than four decades the company’s extensive research into materials and mechanics have fuelled continuous innovation, producing the widest range of models on the market to suit all ages and physical types. So take your pick: wood or composite, traditional or modern, folding or upright, rest assured there is a Kun for you.



In 1974, Kyser had an idea to build a better capo, and new Quick-Change capo won over guitar players and revolutionised the guitar accessory industry. Since those early days, the product offering has been expanded to include a wide range of accessories for guitars and other stringed instruments. Kyser is committed to innovation in the manufacturing of fretted instrument accessories while celebrating dedication to artists and the tradition of handmade craftsmanship.

Latin Percussion


For over half a century, LP has crafted classic percussion instruments as well as patented hundreds of improvements and new designs for musical instruments that meet the exacting standards of professional musicians. Latin Percussion instruments have been featured in thousands of the world’s most famous, chart-topping recordings – from classic salsa – to classic rock. In fact, LP is such an essential part of so many musical genres, it’s nearly impossible to turn on a radio or listen to a playlist and not hear an LP instrument.



The Kaotica Eyeball is the ultimate isolation solution for your microphone and is gaining recognition as the #1 portable vocal booth in the market. The Eyeball is made from a premium custom foam which provides for ideal sound absorption. Now you’ve got a portable vocal booth that can travel with you wherever inspiration strikes: whether in your home studio or the big studio, the tour bus or the hotel room, now you can record studio quality tracks anytime, anyplace.



In 1964 the first Wolf shoulderrest was invented by Willy Wolf at his residence in Amsterdam. In 2005 the company made a fresh start with new products and new ways of making these products. The most recent development being the new coloured shoulder rests which Wolf distinguishes themselves in from the rest by using colours with a sparkling surface that gives a nice 3D effect to the shoulderrest.



Thomastick’s basic principle is to develop a high-quality musical strings at the latest technological level. The combination of craftsmanship, high tech and a highly qualified team is the secret of the success of Thomastik-Infeld. Amongst string players and guitarists it is considered good form to equip instruments with handmade strings from Thomastik-Infeld. The manufacturing of strings in the very heart of Vienna – the City of Music – has a long tradition.



Vater manufacturers the highest quality drumsticks, keyboard mallets, marching and orchestral products, brushes, specialty sticks, world percussion and accessories for all drummers and percussionists. Vater perfected the design of their equipment and developed a unique formula for finishing their sticks, while keeping strict quality control their number one priority. Quality is everything.

Fluid Audio


Founded in 1990, the design philosophy behind Fluid Audio monitors is optimization. The studio monitor, like any speaker, is meant to reproduce the entire landscape of the recording. Fluid prides itself on the importance of speaker imaging, you want to be transported to the recording, where you can pinpoint exactly where each musician and instrument is on the "stage". As a recording or mixing Engineer, you want the same in reverse - to be able to place each instrument where you want it to be in the mix.



Miditech is manufactor of High Quality USB/MIDI Masterkeyboards, Interfaces and Controller Units for the use with MAC und PC with a worldwide distribution.

Sabian Cymbals

Sabian Cymbals


SABIAN was founded in 1981, when Robert Zildjian - one of the world's great names in cymbal making came to the conclusion that drummers needed a better choice of cymbals. Since that time the SABIAN Vault has become a global center for cymbal and sound innovation. And that same SABIAN innovation has resulted in an unprecedented level of choice from the most diverse offering of cymbal design ever available. As a result, modern drummers and percussionists can choose from models that range from vintage to modern, from dark to bright, from traditional to downright eclectic.

Warwick Basses

Warwick Basses


The story of Warwick and Framus began in and1946 and, as a result, Warwick can count on a level of skill and craftsmanship from its workforce that few other firms can match. Today Warwick produces a staggering array of instruments with a quality level and consistency that is matched by few instrument makers worldwide. Warwick offers several product lines with more than forty different bass guitars and a huge offering of bass amplifiers, Speaker Cabs and accessories. And they added the production of the high-quality Framus guitars as well.




Since the very beginning, Fishman has been about making intricate technologies workable for musicians. Harnessing them in ways that are functional, affordable, robust and repeatable. Fishman believes that music has the power to cross cultures and continents, unifying people through the songs in their hearts and the sounds of their instruments. They are always striving to perform at the highest level, delivering value and quality, and respecting their customers’ hard work and investment in their products.



Founded in 1890, Hidersine, has grown to be a leading manufacturer of rosins, bowed instruments and bowed instrument accessories. The Hidersine Company has used its considerable experience to source and refine many bowed instrument accessories such as shoulder rests, and a range of class-leading protective cases. Hidersine Bowed Instruments draw upon years of working with instrument luthiers, offering entry-level student instruments as well as a range of one-off instruments for the connoisseur.



Since 1992, Ahead’s mission has been to listen to drummers and percussionists first and foremost and to develop and bring to market new and innovative products for all drummers, beginners to touring professionals. From drumsticks and hardware, to cases and hearing protection, Ahead’s focus is to pursue innovative excellence in creating products that go beyond traditional design.



Jarger Strings upholds a tradition for world class handmade strings for violin, viola, cello and double bass. A steel core based string was developed, wound with thin threads of pure or alloyed metal. These new strings had a warm and brilliant tone and furthermore much greater stability, durability and strength. These qualities quickly made Jargar strings highly popular throughout the classical music world. Jargar provides musicians around the world with handmade, powerful and uniquely responsive strings.

DR Strings


In 1989, DR Strings re-introduced hand-made round core string making to the general market. It requires a lot of skill, time and care, but the difference between a handmade string and a machine-made string can be heard. Only the finest American materials are used, starting with the wire, to the ball ends, to the packaging. When someone sees the DR logo, that is what they are getting, the best of everything.



Mooer burst onto the music products scene in 2010 with the original micro-sized guitar effects pedals. Since then, Mooer has been an industry leader in providing professional sounding, high-tech products for musicians around the world. Mooer's technological capabilities have continued to grow year after year, bringing very creative and innovative products with it. As the music industry continues to evolve and technology continues to play a major role, Mooer will continue to offer the latest in high-quality audio products with a focus on innovative technology and ergonomic designs at an affordable price.



Halifax & Company was established in 1938. In early years, Halifax was involved in making Components and Accessories of Musical Instruments such as Cane Reeds for Bagpipe & Clarinets. With the lapse of time, the company developed and expanded its line of instruments. Through research and development schemes, Halifax introduced many new instruments up to the entire satisfaction of British Instrument Players.



Lanikai specializes in providing ukuleles for discerning musicians requiring dependability, playability and style; whether songwriting, recording, or on stage. With a wide range of tone woods and premium features, Lanikai ukuleles offers musicians instruments to meet their advancing skill levels and provides you the inspiration that sparks creativity and fuels musical passion.



SX guitars are widely famed as the best valued guitars unbeatable for the money. From stunning, handmade custom guitars to affordable standard series, SX have the right guitar for every player. When you need vicious tones, consummate playability and drop-dead looks, you need SX Guitars. Recording artists, garage freaks, teachers and pro players have made SX Guitars their weapon of choice.



Valencia Guitar's vision is to provide guitarists with excellent quality and value for money guitars, great quality sound and ease of play, and guitars built to the highest standards. Valencia guitars represent the very best value for money on the market! It’s for this reason alone that millions of guitarists around the world have started their musical journeys on a Valencia guitar.



Nearly 30 years ago, Superlux began to operate from a small apartment in Taiwan. The driving force for their growth comes from the philosophy – creating the value of sound. Superlux focuses on the development and manufacture of electro-acoustic products, from the input microphone, to electronic products, and to the output of headphones and speakers, their product line is gradually complete.

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